Netto Marken-Discount Adds PayPal As A Mode Of Payment

German supermarket chain Netto Marken-Discount has announced that customers can now pay for their purchases through PayPal across all of its 4,200 outlets.

Netto app users can avail the free service by connecting their PayPal accounts to their personal user account in the app.

Customers can also pay for their online purchases on the retailer’s website through PayPal.

Convenient Payment Facility
The addition of PayPal as a payment method expands the mobile payment functionality of the app and provides customers with a convenient payment mode.

The corporate communications officer at Netto, Stefanie Adler, said, “Cashless payment with the Netto app offers our customers a high degree of flexibility and fast purchasing processes, and we are proud to be the first food retailer in Germany to make mobile payment even easier and, above all, safer for millions of customers.”

The app has been recognised for its service commitment and innovative technical solutions, twice winning the Retail Technology Award (RETA) in the ‘Best Consumer Experience’ category.

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