Denner: 2018 with + 4.3% growth and significantly more customers

At the same time, the customer frequency increasedsignificantly by + 3.6% . The development of the Denner partner companies, which closed with an increase in sales of + 2.5%, was also pleasing. This means that Denner once again outperformedthe market and expanded its position as Switzerland’s leading discounter.

The financial year 2018 closes with a very pleasing result: With net sales of CHF 3.195 million, Denner is up CHF 132 million or 4.3% on the previous year and is one of the winners in the Swiss food retail trade in a challenging market environment . According to the latest study by Credit Suisse, this only rose by + 1.5%.

With sales of CHF 2,535 million, an increase of CHF 115 million or + 4.8% was achieved in the 537 of our own branches . The customer frequency in its own branches increased by + 4.4%.

The 280 Denner partner companies were able to realize gains of CHF 16 million and close the year with sales of CHF 639 million, which corresponds to a sales increase of + 2.5% compared to the previous year .

Freshness competence pays off

The successful business development is due to the dense branch network, the modernization of the Denner branches , the revitalized assortment, the fresh expansion and the increasing range of sustainably produced products from IP-SUISSE, which today comprises over 70 articles. The positive effect of these innovations is reflected not only in the increasing customer frequency, the individual customer also buys more per visit . “Over the last few years, we have invested a lot in our branch network and geared the range to the increasing customer demand for freshness. We offer the customer a simple shopping just around the corner, where he lives and works », says CEO Mario Irminger.

In 2019, Denner will continue to invest heavily in expanding its range of services for the benefit of its customers. All Denner branches will be equipped with additional baking stations over the next two years to offer their customers freshly baked bread from early morning until evening throughout the bread range. “This expansion of performance represents an absolute novelty in the Swiss retail trade,” adds Irminger.

Increasing number of employees

In the last 10 years, Denner has created 1,592 new jobs and today, with 5,075 employees, is one of the most important employers in Switzerland. With a minimum wage of CHF 4025 (x13), wages rose by + 7.3% in the last decade. Against the backdrop of the inflation trend of recent years, this is a real wage increase. This puts Denner well above the industry average.

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